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Briegel Ceramics

Mermaid Sequin Dimple Mug

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The Mermaid Sequin Mug is one of my most popular styles! 

Who doesn't love pink and purple sparkle?! I guess some people but this mug is not for them.

The colored slip sequin texture is glazed in a gloss clear and then a coating of mother of pearl luster is applied to give it that sparkly sequin look. The base of this mug is thrown using purple stained porcelain and the lace has a pink porcelain backdrop. All translucent! The inside of the mug is lined with a durable gloss glaze for easy cleaning. This mug is dishwasher safe but not microwave safe due to the luster. 

Don't fret about staining! This porcelain is super vitrified (tight particles). I have soaked pieces in coffee for two days and it washes off with no residue. 


Holds approximately 16oz. 

Dimensions: 5''x4.5''x4.5''

Medium: Cone 6 Translucent Porcelain, lavender stained porcelain, underglaze, gloss liner glaze, satin matte base glaze, gloss chartreuse handle, gold luster detail

*Prints and textures are handprinted so variation is expected. No two pieces are alike! You might see small surface cracks due to the stretching of the patterns from the inside but I view those as the art instead of a flaw. None of them go all the way through.

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