*Please read before reaching out



Do you do wholesale or commissions?

I want to say yes but unfortunately no. I am only able to manage what I am currently offering and I am not looking for any more projects. 


I saw something you posted on Instagram and I want to buy it. Can I?

My shop updates are where I make my work available. It is possible that a piece I have posted would show up in a shop update but it is equally possible that it is meant for a show or promised to another opportunity. Please practice patience and keep an eye out for shop announcements to see when work will become available. 


Where can I find your work?

I will update my shop every couple of months. I can't promise what that will look like during the school year since I also teach part-time. I have work in a couple galleries and not all of them have online stores. Galleries that have my work are Santangelo (Thomas, WV), Baltimore Clayworks (Baltimore, MD), Chataqua Institute (Chataqua, NY), and Northern Clay Center (Minneapolis, MN)


When do you restock your shop?

I want to be a more organized person and give you exact dates for when to expect new work but I am not that person. I would sign up for the mailing list for announcements and keep an eye out on Instagram. I usually post the next update on my instagram bio. 


Where is my order? 

When I update my shop, I try to spend the next couple of days processing orders and shipping. I wouldn't expect a delay in shipping for more than 5 days after ordering. I want to get it to you as soon as I can so I can make room for new work! The only reason there might be a delay is if I am traveling and in the case I will try to communicate effectively. 


I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages. I am sorry if this happens to you. 


Can I return a piece? 

I do not accept returns at this time. I try my best to include detailed descriptions of the pieces and provide lots of images so that you know what to expect. In the event that a piece breaks in shipping, I might be convinced it was due to poor packaging. Please email me a description and photos within 3 days of the piece arriving so that I can get a better understanding of the issue. If you encounter a leak or some other issue with the function of the piece please email me so we can figure out a solution. I test the work before sending it out but my process and clay are temperamental and I can't 100 percent guarantee I catch everything. 


Do you offer local pick up?

I am not offering local pick up at this time. I might in the future. 


Will the raw porcelain stain from coffee or tea? 

No. It won't. This confuses some but this porcelain is very tight and when sanded very fine no food particles will penetrate. The pieces are always glazed with a clear liner gloss glaze that makes them easy to clean so the areas where food would go is a clean glossy surface. The textures are a bit trickier to clean but I do not place those in direct contact with food (most of the time). I conducted an experiment with one of the white lace raw porcelain mugs where I fully soaked it in coffee for a couple of days. The coffee washed right off with soap and a sponge. I can't guarantee that something oily like lipstick would come off entirely so you were warned. 


What if I hear a small cracking noise when I pour hot liquid into my piece for the first time?

This is a mystery as to exactly why this happens. My guess is that because the work is put together with seams the inconsistency in wall thickness might react to the shock of the hot liquid. I was alarmed at first but realized most of the time this doesn't create a crack and unless the piece is leaking I am not considering this a problem. I have also found that it will only do this the first time a piece is introduced to hot liquid. Most of them do not and I have been adding an extra step to the quality control of the work by pouring hot liquid into all of them just to make sure but in case you encounter this you were warned.